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People have been decorating and making changes to the appearance of their bodies since recorded history began. This has taken many forms through the ages, such as tattooing, piercing, stretching, scarring, branding, muscle sculpture, hair styling and many more, and for almost as many different reasons.

The three major purposes of these forms of body modification have historically been tribal (to display allegiance to one tribe or group of people), in war (to scare the enemy and distinguish friend from foe), and for fashion and perceived beauty. Ear stretching has been popular for centuries, but this popularity has increased in Western culture in recent years.

For some, there is a profound spirituality in the protracted process of stretching ears, while for others it is fun and more involved than simple ear piercing, and the fact that fewer people do it adds to its appeal. Others have their own reasons, but irrespective of these, stretched ears have always been part of human history and will continue to be so.

Reasons For Stretching Ears

Just as with other forms of body modification or enhancement, people have historically stretched their ears for a number of reasons. For some cultures, this represented a coming of age, while for others it was carried out to enhance beauty or sexuality. Throughout the ages it has been used both for religious reasons and to protect the subject from witchcraft or evil. Ear stretching is still carried out all over the world for a variety of reasons, including those mentioned above.

If you travel to Africa, you will find that stretched ears are common among many indigenous peoples, including the Maasia in east Africa, the Mursi in Ethiopia, and it is also carried out in some Asian countries such as Thailand. In South America, stretched ears are common amongst the Huaorami of the Amazon Basin, but you generally need go no further than your own hometown to see some excellent examples of ear stretching. Stretched piercings and flesh tunnels are now a common form of ear adornment for Western youth.

Icemen and Pharaohs

One of the more famous examples from history is Ötzi the Iceman, a 5,300 year-old mummified body found in the Alps between Austria and Italy. In addition to several tattoos, Ötzi had an ear stretched to around 7 mm – 11 mm diameter. The giant Easter Island statues display stretched ear lobes, the likely reason for them being known as ‘Long Ears’. The story goes that the statues were carved in honour of the original inhabitants of the island representing them with the earlobe stretchings that were part of their culture. When a different tribe arrived on the island, they were known as ‘Short Ears’, and were forced into slavery by the Long Ears. Eventually there were more Short Ears than Long Ears, and the latter were overthrown and the statues toppled over.

In Egypt, the boy king Tutankhamen is represented as having stretched ears, and his famous golden death mask features holes that can take 10 mm diameter bars. The processes used to stretch these famous sets of ears are not known, because there are many techniques that can be used. It is likely that primitive stretchings were carried out using wooden plugs or bamboo, and although a few people like to return to these early methods, they are not recommended today for health reasons.



27 Jul


Our eyes are among the most significant areas on the human body. Of course, an excellent means to underline the eyes is through various kinds of piercings. Whereas other types of face piercings are getting more accepted, eyebrow piercing is already a leader and still originating new styles in body piercing

According to the position it has got, eyebrow piercing can be classified into several types.

• Horizontal eyebrow piercing is horizontally located above the eyebrow, following its line. The extraordinary look of this piercing can add to the shape of your eyebrow. Jewelry options that will suit this kind of piercing include barbells, curved barbells, banana bells as well as bio-plast barbells.

• Bridge piercing represents an alternative to nose piercing. It’s the portion of skin between the top of your nose and your eyes which is pierced. Yet, this is not the best variant if you’ve got a tight skin in the area because it will dry and flake away.

• Anti-eyebrow piercing is performed slightly below the inferior eye orbit, right on the upper cheekbone. As well as the two preceding types, this one is executed exactly underneath your skin, without even touching your facial muscles or bones.

• A variant of the common eyebrow piercing is the spiral eyebrow. The difference between them is the spiral eyebrow type consists of two or three successive holes. Afterward, a spiral-shaped piece jewel is passed through all these holes.

• The T eyebrow piercing represents a typical vertical and a horizontal piercing. These are executed in immediate closeness to one another so as to create the shape of the letter “T”.

• When two or more types of piercing are combined, this is labeled as combination or multiple eyebrow piercing.

How to Choose Eyebrow Body Jewelry

It’s your personal choice as for what angle of your brow you’d like to have pierced. The truth is any puncture requires the same efforts for healing. The eyebrow body piercing is normally made according to the marks, upper and lower. It’s a known fact that horizontal piercings are usually difficult to deal with, but an expert is able to perform this kind of operation. As soon as you decide on what type of eyebrow body piercing you will have, tell the master about your choice. An experienced specialist who has got a clear notion of the brow anatomy will correctly select the position so as to avoid grazing your nerve-endings.



15 Jul

E district

Earlier it was quite tiresome to make some E district government documents, but now with the advent of technology, things have become edistrict quite easier. You need to enter the registration number and then enter the security code that is given on the screen.

Districts are the de-facto governmental front-end for G2C interactions. One can opt for soft copy of the service output by selecting “Service Delivery Preference” as “eCopy”. “Service Delivery Preference” is a field in the online application form. Once the decision has been taken by authority and certificate / license has been issued, the Digitally Signed soft copy will be sent to the applicant’s email id given in the online application form.

Below we will discuss everything about the birth certificate, death certificate, and check status, verification of birth, and death certificate. Click on Login, enter user id, password, captcha and submit. On left hand side menu, click on Apply for Services, then click on View Services.

Here are the steps to download a birth certificate through the UP website. You need to carry numerous additional documents with you and everything will become messy. The process of registering a birth certificate is an easy one and all you need to have is documents. People often have these documents with them, the reason behind they are not applying for the certificate is sometimes a shortage of time, sometimes laziness, and sometimes other reasons. Here is the broken-down list of the birth certificate process that makes things an easier one.

Login with your login credential and select a service you wish to apply for. After this, you can search for your certificate by mentioning your registration number which you are given at the time of registration. The UP government has made many of its functions online on the lines of Digital India, in such a situation, people living in this state can now apply sitting at home for any of their important work. Citizen can apply Income Certificate online at Citizen Service Centers / Lokvani /janseva Kendra Established all over the District .

Then click on download or search birth certificate. After that, you need to fill in the required information that is acknowledgment or registration number. A birth certificate shows your birth date, place of birth, and the age of the person to whom it belongs. That is the reason a birth certificate is considered to be one of the most important documents. For the making of any government document, you need to have your birth certificate with you. If those citizens want, they can apply for a new certificate.

If you want to join the edistrict, then for this you have to go to the edistrict UP login page of the public service portal of Uttar Pradesh, and fill the requested information. Select your login type in the above box and then you can easily login by entering your username and password. Then you will be able to take advantage of e-District on eDistrict up portal.

However, you should go to your closest public service center to get all these certificates made. Here, yours all these archives will be handily produced within 2-3 days. In the e-district project, services related to registration in the certificate, complaint, public distribution system, pension, exchange, credit, revenue disputes and employment centers have been included. The State Government has implemented the project in all the districts of the state and has set up service centers for the convenience of the public and distribution of services. All these Centers are being set up at the Center at Panchayat level by District Service Provider .

13 Jul


We are a charted accounting firm that provides practical training for people who want to do accounting. These are bespoke training programmes that help our trainees to get a job in the accounting sector. We prepare our trainees for Sage, QuickBooks, Xero certification and Excel software. We also help in term of building up your CV, giving you reference, build your REED profile and guide you to find the right jobs in accountancy.

When you do the training with us you would use all 4 accounting software including Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and Excel. We use actual client data and these clients range from Construction, IT, Retail, Wholesaler and import and export business. This training is really important because you need to understand how different Clients do their accounting process, how they keep records in their system and most importantly knowing all the VAT submission for different industries and knowing how to submit them into the HMRC portal.

We have different practical training course from which you can pick from depending upon the skills, knowledge and experience you have in that specific training.

1. Bookkeeping and VAT and Payroll: Basic entry level and first level job in the accountancy job role. The job you can apply once you finish this training course is Sales ledger Clark, Purchase ledger Clark and Payroll accountant. You would understand how to do Sales day book, Purchase day book, Credit note, bank check and payment, bank reconciliation and VAT submission in the HMRC portal. You can earn up to £18-22k a year. 3-6 month of work experience

2. Account assistant: The job you can get when finishing our training is the Financial Controller and Finance manager. You would understand how to do year ends, closing the books for the year, depreciation, wage journals, trial balance reconciliation, management report, learning all the post VAT adjustment until the finalisation of trial balances. You can earn up to £22-27k a year. 3-6 month of work experience

3. Management and Final Accounts: the jobs you can get when finishing this training is Accountant, Financial controller and Consultant. You would understand how to do the finalisation of accounts, Profit and loss account, balance sheet and CT00 returns. You can earn up to £35-45k+ year. 3-6 month of work experience



12 Jul

10 Quick Tips For Eating Healthy At Restaurants

Eating at restaurants is great. It’s a chance to try new foods, enjoy a night out with friends or family, and it’s just more fun than cooking at home all the time. In fact, according to RBC Insurance, 18% of Canadians eat out at least once a day. With that being said, restaurant food isn’t always the healthiest option — and there are ways you can make sure you’re eating well when dining out. Here are 10 quick tips for eating healthy at restaurants.

Blog Intro: Hair loss is a problem that can affect both men and women in many different ways. It can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, stress, hormone imbalance, illness, chemical exposure or diet. Eating right will ensure that your body has what it needs to promote healthy hair growth. There are certain foods that you should include in your diet to help prevent hair loss. In this blog post we will look at five keo nha cai (hair loss prevention) foods for you to eat .

Did you know that the keo nha cai herb is one of the most powerful anti-cancer herbs on earth? It’s a plant from Southeast Asia, and it’s been used for thousands of years to treat cancer — without any side effects. A study in 1999 found that keo nha cai can kill up to 87% of cancer cells in just 48 hours. For five reasons why you should try this natural remedy, see this article.
The herb keo nha cai keonhacai (Vietnamese ginseng) has been consumed for centuries to improve stamina and vitality. To enjoy its many benefits, you must first know how to choose and use it correctly. Check out this article for some tips on selecting, storing, and using this famous Vietnamese herb.
3 Ways to Make Money from Your Keo Nha Cai Greenhouse and What You Need to Start
Are you a small-scale greenhouse grower or want to be one? Take a look at our guide for 3 easy ways you can start making money from your keo nha cai greenhouse business.
Keo Nha Cai is a traditional dish in Vietnam. It contains fresh kelp, prawns, pork belly, dried shrimps, chives and some special seasonings and spices. Among the most popular food in Vietnam, this dish has a long history that dates back hundreds of years ago. Founded in 1916 by Nguyen Van Bong as a small restaurant called “Au Petit Corneille” in Hanoi, this humble eatery has grown into one of the most popular street-food dining destinations for locals and tourists alike.

24 Apr

How to Write Technically for the Lay Person

While you are composing a book or for a particular magazine or article site, you should utilize fancy language utilizing striking words, long sentences, expressions or maxims. To put it plainly, you need every one of those components that will make the content more snappy and will snare the perusers! Notwithstanding, that isn’t the situation in specialized composition, for example at the point when you are composing for sites that are administrations or items based. Constructed utilizing progressed web advancement systems, they should be created with spotless and basic substance that is conversational to the purchasers. In particular, the web content should be illustrative of the administrations and the organization. In any case, why called specialized composition? A decent substance on the sites has an extraordinary influence in SEO and substance promoting. It helps in getting the backlinks and scale up in position of the sites in the web indexes to get more guests.

In this way, whenever you are getting ready substance for a top of the line site or online application for your business, remember these tips.

#1 Know your intended interest group

The main thing you need clear-off in your mind is the intended interest group of your site. Be it a gathering of finance managers or corporate administrations customers, they are all layman! Along these lines, keep your jargon altogether straightforward. Try not to utilize a greater amount of specialized words and colorful English to make the substance smart. All things being equal, keep it inside and out basic, with the end goal that even a child can comprehend what you give from your site.

24 Apr

Voice Technology Is The Future – Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual partner and is accessible on Android telephones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher, on iOS gadgets through a downloadable application, and on certain Chromebooks and home speaker items. With Android and other Google gadgets, Assistant can regularly be gathered by means of a straightforward voice order or by squeezing and holding the Home key on your gadget.

The following are a portion of the fundamental capacities that can be performed basically by saying “Alright Google..( and your inquiry )”

Notes and Reminders

On the off chance that you need to bring down a note, one can essentially open Assistant by saying “Alright Google..” and say “make a note to self”. You can even pick to have the note sent as an email to your own location through Gmail. Google Assistant can go about as your secretary and gather a rundown of updates, to-take care of errands, or notes and afterward send this rundown as an email. It can even send the rundown to different individuals or post it into applications like Slack, Evernote or Trello.

As an illustration Assistant can set an update for a particular time and day just by saying “Alright Google… Remind me to call John on Monday around early afternoon,” One can set repeating updates by adding “each” into the expressed order ( e.g., “Remind me to check the stock each Thursday at 1:00 ). Notwithstanding Reminders, there is additionally an order “Recall that the gathering is at 4:00 each Thursday”

In the event that you need to review the data, one can simply say, “Alright Google..what did I advise you about..?” trailed by the subject “the stock” or regardless.


You can make a schedule occasion by telling the Assistant “add to my schedule” trailed by the occasion’s name, date and time. You can likewise ask Assistant something like “When’s my next arrangement?” or “What’s on my schedule for next Monday?” Apple clients can likewise connect Assistant to their iPhone’s schedule by setting up Google’s IFTTT applet for coordinating Apple Calendar with Google Home and afterward utilize the order “Add to my iOS schedule” trailed by the occasion’s title, date, and time.

Correspondence and Messaging

In the event that you need to settle on a telephone decision, Google Assistant can go about as your administrator. One can request that it call any openly recorded business or any individual in their contacts by indicating “portable” or “work” and even incorporate “on speakerphone” on the off chance that you need them all to be on a speakerphone.

Google Assistant can see “Alright Google..text..” trailed by the contact’s name and the message. It will affirm on the off chance that it got everything right and, inquire as to whether you need to send the message. Aide makes it simple to view messages inside Gmail as well, just request that it “discover my messages from” a specific contact or to “discover my messages around” a particular subject, and it’ll spring up outcomes.

The Assistant will likewise give usefulness to connect LinkedIn to Assistant and afterward let you compose a post talking it out loud.

Capacities and Settings For The Phone

Google Assistant can help get around your Android telephone too, for instance, on the off chance that you are educating it to open any application or site or even request that it search inside an application. Something, such as expanding or diminishing the volume of music playing, or totally requesting that the Assistant quiet the telephone, should likewise be possible sans hands.

24 Apr

Voice Technology Is The Future – Google Assistant

Google as of late demoed their Assistant to settle on a telephone decision to help book a hair style arrangement. At the point when the discussion was being heard, the conversation sounded actually like two individuals talking together, while truth be told online there was definitely not a live individual, yet an ‘computer based intelligence fueled Assistant’ that sounded essentially like conversing with a genuine individual. Other than the “gee” and “m-gee” that a live individual would do when in a discussion, it wound up booking an arrangement for the Customer who had brought in.

Like a few, of its ‘companions’ Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant can likewise be utilized to help support a specific business measure. The solitary overhaul that it had was utilizing its Duplex Technology capacity and play out an undertaking with a similar sounding exertion as an individual. Here the test was to check if Google Assistant could be utilized to perform various undertakings, something like book an arrangement at a salon or eatery anyway for a business there are a ton of things that will be thought of, this likewise incorporates the Security Policies for utilizing Robots to make a Human’s showing.

24 Apr

Kishanu Karmakar Tech Blogging Journey in India

Subsequent to working 3 years he have chosen to leave his functioning spot and it was anything but a simple undertaking to persuading his family on the grounds that nor kishau’s monetary condition was acceptable nor he was getting any back help to begin his fantasy venture. After a long battle with society, on the first walk 2015 he began new business SNK Creation. It’s being 9 months he didn’t get any achievement and his family was baffled since he couldn’t give any sum for home costs. Yet, he never surrender and he keep doing publishing content to a blog then he understood why he was not getting achievement since he discovered mistake on his site SEO and that time he didn’t know about significance of SEO. At first kishanu was begun with one article in seven days after the fact on he began acquiring information about watchword and SEO innovation from other top websites.

Presently he began composing sites and articles about tech administrations and items. He is ace in web-based media showcasing and SEO develop. Presently he is best tech blogger in India.

Presently he began own organization ” SNK Creation ” which offering IT, Marketing, Developing, Designing and Advertising Services around the world. Despite the fact that he got heaps of new freedom in his life which really portray kishanu in better manner. His future objective is to peruse more articles, acquire information and compose more articles.

This data is gathered from web and kishanu own Facebook profile. Rest subtleties assortment from his writing for a blog webpage which is referenced on blog page.

24 Apr

Kishanu Karmakar Tech Blogging Journey in India

Who is Kishanu Karmakar: This article is about kishanu karmakar blogger how he began his profession in writing for a blog and later on how he construct promoting and publicizing administrations everywhere on the world. Kishanu Karmakar is CEO and Founder of SNK Creation. He is a Tech Blogger, Author and Striving Entrepreneur. He is enthusiastic about his fantasy and work. He love to expound on themes that he have learned on his way. Kishanu is excessively dependent for his enthusiastic.

His example of overcoming adversity tell everything how he got this accomplishment without getting any monetary help. Indeed, even we got the subtleties from his school that he was one of the splendid understudy in school and furthermore having unexpectable composing abilities. His instructor and Director Mr Lalit Kumar Banga actually associate with him, he got through his tenth class from Dhruva Bal Niketan School, Jaipur. After that he had bunches of alternative even he began his life in trade stream. In any case, from youth kishanu continually getting information with contraptions and innovation, even he had extraordinary information and abilities about innovation.