31 Mar

Cricketers Infidelity and Betrayal – Is it True Part 1

Indian cricketers would keep on letting down the Nation’s fans as could be

Previously; in light of the fact that they are important for a “Mainstream Team and not a National Team”

I have been intently observing Indian cricket from here and there now; however how profoundly I was harmed when our group neglected to fit the bill for World Cup and has constrained me to do a knowledge examination of the fiasco. The group has not just played with the notions of over a billion group yet additionally let down the National regard also. A portion of my companions have even gone to degree of saying whole group as backstabbers. Right?

I would attempt to reclaim my perusers to cash printing Shaarja one day cricket arrangement of bygone eras where India had lost a large portion of the finals either by snare or convict. Any basic Indian might have investigated the reason for such loss of regard; yet neither our cricketers nor Cricket Control of India (BCCI) had at any point felt the embarrassment of losing National distinction. Each rout was viewed as simple game.

However, a portion of the perusers would discuss the issue of connecting governmental issues with the game; yet I would say that the games are the picture of a Nation. We Indians need to comprehend and acknowledge that so far none of the Indian cricketer, notwithstanding Kapil and few others, had thought for the Nation; however they have consistently played for singular records and status. The majority of the occasions, our group had frustrated Indian fans over and again.

After more than thirty years of my investigation, I feel that the Indian cricketers would keep on letting down the Nation as ever before in light of the fact that we are a “Mainstream Team and not a National Team”. Indian fans would kept on being misled by not Sachin and Ganguly just but rather every one of those cash disapproved of cricketers; at whatever point Indian fans might want?. They could never perform when Nation needs; yet would just perform to make singular records and mint cash. The cricketer’s character is with that of a Nation and not as individual element. Once, Steve Waugh, Australian chief has mentioned vital objective fact while answering to purported Indian legendry Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar that Indian cricketers play for singular accomplishments. He was correct and is even correct bootlicker. The Indian legendry cricketers; who had just played for themselves and not for the country, have every one of the World Records of batting in their names yet never had they played for the Nation. I’m certain that 99% Indian cricket darling and fans would uphold my perspectives.

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