14 Feb

3 Easy Campfire Cocktails You Have To Try Soon

Looking for new drinks to enjoy around the campfire? This easy campfire cocktail must be tried!
From thin air comes the main ingredients that make beer

It seems that when people better understand beer, or wine in this case, it is more appreciated and interesting – they kiss it and kiss it by unrelenting trying to choose the aroma and taste. Beer without yeast is no more than sugar water. Yeast is one of the things in the air, it’s on our fabric, it’s growing wild. Louis Pasteur found that yeast was a secret element that had made beer for 10,000 years. Scientists are now cultured and identify hundreds of yeast strains for beer. Yeast is what changes sugar into alcohol and CO2. Yeast also provides a different taste and aroma of beer. This is the hope that when a consumer beer craft understands the yeast makes delicious drinks more enjoyable.
Varietal barley becomes more certain in taste and chemistry!

Beer is water, wheat, yeast, and hop. All important. But, Barley is the oldest wheat that has planted and has exceptional taste and sugar that is perfect for beer … yeast with us naturally and is actually around us every day. Hop can be replaced with other bitter agents, and yes, corn has great sugar but will not issue a scent and taste of wheat. So we are left with a statement – no wheat. There is no malt and not beer.
Beer Craft History is Very Impressive

Recently I was studying a long recipe and the people who raised him from the attic and old files. In particular, Jim Koch from Boston Beer Company is interesting. But then the story of Jim Koch took me on a fact to find a mission to Sacramento, CA and interesting beer stories in the era of Gold Rush. In fact, the largest brewery next to the Mississippi River is in Sacramento, CA in the 1880s. This is where I found the name Ruhstaller.
Craft beer brewing choice and mind

Beer cannot be defined as an established national or international brand or a small beer maker. Craft Beer has many market segments. Some crafter who started local and regional brands are now owned by big players. Today’s lagunity is owned by Heineken from Amsterdam. Innovative brewer known for its hop is successful. Lagunitas has been a small brewer craft in Petaluma, CA.
Obstacles to make Mexican MEZCAL with your own agave

Many fans of MEZCAL, and actually some newcomers for relatively high alcohol content Agave Mexico’s voice icons, consider filing their similar spirit, hoping to replicate the feelings of Mezcal encountered in Oaxaca, Puebla, Michoacán and other countries in Mexico and the State – other countries in Mexico and other countries. It has been tried in California and the possibility of other American countries, as well as in Australia and Africa. This is an ambitious and potentially useful project, but there are weaknesses and obstacles to successfully bring such efforts.
Woodcarver in the Oaxaca transition to Mezcal and Agave

The craftsmen in the villages near the city of Oaxaca Mexico southern, have carved coffers, and then brilliantly painting fantastic numbers known as Alebrjes. Small and skilled craftsmen, Efrain Fuentes Santiago has taken craft to new heights, piggybacking at the global Mezcal boom. He noticed the beginning of Tourism Oaxacan Mezcal, and so also utilized by making an agave image and the stages of the Mezcal distillation process, not out of Copal, but hard wood such as cedar and walnut. Instead of painting his work, he completes every part with only a layer of light or varnish, which exhibits grains, colors, and Woods characters.
Innovation in talking directly with wine lovers

Getting a myriad of product information into the hands of customers is a challenge, especially when requested and expected instantly. Information about complicated wine and changing from the year

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